Google+ users at almost half a million in SA: report


Canadian start-up Exponential Labs claims to have monitored Google+ since it launched and have made statistics about the social network available onlineNew statistics from finds as many as 466,828 Google+ users in South Africa, and counting.

Globally, notes approximately 90 million Google+ users worldwide, against more than 800 million active users on Facebook – and approaching five million active users in South Africa. is owned and operated by Exponential Labs, a small start-up out of Toronto, Canada. “We’ve been monitoring Google+ since it launched, and our extensive knowledge and experience has made us somewhat of an unofficial authority,” it says.

The majority of Google+ users in South Africa, 36.32%, are Married; 31.92% are Single; 42.42% are looking for networking; and 39.40% are looking for Friends.

Approximately 71% of users are male, while the majority of users in SA – at 37.3% – are aged 25-34, followed by 18-24 year olds comprising 35.8%.

Just less than 28% of users originate from Johannesburg, with about 14% coming from Pretoria, according to

The majority of users are students, which follows the global pattern.

Up to 70.38% of global users of Google+ are male, with the majority of users, at 50.4%, in the 18-24 years category.

Of the South Africans on Google+, Exponential Labs says 45.82% are also active on Facebook, while 44.83% use Twitter.