Bank to offer Cross-Border Prepaid Airtime in Namibia


First National Bank (FNB) Namibia becomes the first commercial bank in the country to offer cross-border prepaid airtime purchases.

According to a media statement issued by the bank on Wednesday, FNB Mobile and Transact Solutions Head of Expansion Yolande van Wyk said the service is the result of two years of hard work on a pioneering mobile transfer system that allows real-time cross border prepaid airtime using Cellphone Banking from FNB and is available 24 hours a day.

Van Wyk said any Namibian MTC customer can now receive prepaid airtime from relatives and friends in South Africa who are registered with FNB Cellphone Banking.

She said the service allows SA cellphone holders based in Namibia to send prepaid airtime to their relatives and friends in that country.

"This is the first phase of the project, FNB plans to expand the service to a number of other African countries in future phases of the project," Van Wyk said.

"Namibians working in SA can now send airtime to their family in Namibia where at least 80 per cent of cellphone users are prepaid customers.

Our products have been successful in that country, and we are now adding more value to the Namibian people," she said.

She said at present only SA FNB Cellphone Banking customers can make a prepaid airtime purchase for an individual who uses Namibia's MTC.

"Today, banking has played a role in providing services to segments of our society that we could previously not address cost effectively.

Cross-border prepaid airtime top-ups is another example of how FNB in SA is leveraging its base of 4 million registered customers to use interactive financial services from their cellphones," Van Wyk added.

The Namibian