New flat rate Phone Service sets out to revolutionise the Kenyan market


Zolatel Telecom, a subsidiary of Kenyan-owned Unicon Corporation, recently launched an all-digital, North America phone service that enables people to make calls to and from Kenya just as they would make a local call. Subscribers use regular phone equipment without the need for cumbersome computer calling, phone card dialing or the fear of high charges.

Subscribers to this new service are assigned Kenyan phone numbers when they register. This number enables them to place and receive low-cost calls to and from any phone network in Kenya. Service connections at both ends of the calls register them as local calls thereby helping subscribers save on phone expenses.

“We initiated service two months ago and are witnessing a growing base of subscribers who represent Kenyan businesses in the United States,” states Fred Arungah, Commercial Director for Zolatel. “One of our current customers is a small Kenyan coffee importer based in Colorado. With our system he now has virtual presence in Kenya and is able communicate with the farmers as if he is right there!”

Zolatel’s service is available for personal and business accounts throughout North America. As an added bonus, the service comes standard with free voice mail, three-way calling, call waiting and forwarding. There are no connection fees and hidden charges often associated with calling cards. Usage is billed at a flat-rate and in one-second increments. Subscribers enjoy unlimited free calling with other subscribers in the Diaspora and the freedom of retaining their service and numbers if they should move to any city in North America or Europe.

“This new phone service promises to change the way Kenyans in the Diaspora communicate, especially as their relatives in Kenya can now call them by placing a local Kenyan landline call” adds Julius Johnson, a recent Zolatel employee.

Zolatel offers competitive rates for calls made to other global destinations. The company is supported by a network of distributors in North America and plans to appoint distributors in Europe early next year.