Airtel asked to reduce cost of its services by Minister


Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Minister Yamfwa Mukanga has urged Airtel Zambia to consider reducing the cost of making calls on their network so that Zambians can use their phones for business purposes and not for mere luxury.

Mukanga said Airtel should strive to reach a level where all Zambians are able to make business calls on this network thereby using the phones as necessities to improve their living standards. He said government would want the mobile service provider to invest more in technology so that calls can be cheaper for Zambians.

He noted that government has reduced the cost of doing business in Zambia and therefore expects service providers to do the same so that the benefits can trickle down to the common Zambians who use phones every day.

The Minister was speaking shortly after he toured Airtel head office to familiarise himself with the operations of the giant telecommunication service provider. Mukanga stated that government will welcome all investors who will do businesses that are aimed at benefiting Zambians and urged the company to improve the conditions of service for its employees.

And Airtel Managing Director Fayaz King emphasised the importance of ICT advancement his company has made to improve the quality of service delivery to its clients.

Fayaz said ICT in mobile communication have significantly transformed the lives of people adding that his company believes in improvement of every person’s quality of life.

He noted that there was a positive correlation between investment in ICTs and economic growth saying his company will continue investing in ICT and work closely with government to improve people’s lives.

Airtel recently undertook a 3.75G network roll out, an investment which is expected to contribute to the country’s economic growth by increasing efficiency, productivity and reduce the cost of doing business.