Refurbished PCs make computer ownership more affordable and accessible in South Africa


Six local computer refurbishment partners have joined Microsoft's Secondary PC programme in South Africa to make high-quality PCs more affordable for people across the country.

By participating in the programme – part of Microsoft's Unlimited Potential initiative – Bridgeport Technical Services, Device South Africa, Just PC's, Mico South Africa, Pax Computers and Sylvara Technologies will be able to provide customers with full PC solutions at competitive prices.

The solutions include genuine Microsoft software, access to software updates and downloads and the peace of mind that comes with a six-month warranty, after-sales support and a recycling option for the PCs when they reach the end of their useful life.

“There is a significant market for refurbished PCs in households and small businesses in South Africa,” said Mteto Nyati, managing director of Microsoft South Africa, at a reception held today in Johannesburg for 30 computer refurbishers and distributors from across the country.

It is estimated that tens of millions of still-usable computers are discarded each year by businesses, individuals and organisations around the world. The reuse of computers through donation, refurbishment or resale therefore offers “tremendous promise” for digital inclusion, added Nyati.

“We believe that by encouraging the availability and support of affordable secondary PCs in South Africa, we can provide the technology resources that ultimately improve the community's ICT skills, create jobs and accelerate economic competitiveness.”

The Secondary PC programme will also help refurbishers grow their business by providing marketing support and access to tools that simplify Windows XP deployment on refurbished PCs, including software activation and meeting secure data standards. Two of Microsoft's partners are upbeat about the programme's expansion.

“Many customers are right to be concerned about the quality, reliability, support, and risk of counterfeit or unlicensed software when buying a used computer,” said Fady Gerges, managing director of Device South Africa. “Our participation in the Microsoft Secondary PC programme assures our customers that the refurbished PCs we sell are genuine, high-quality and cost-effective alternatives to new computers.”

“Factory refurbished PCs are of a high standard in South Africa. Microsoft's endorsement of our industry is just reward for the efforts of South Africa's leading refurbishers,” said Andrew Craig, managing director of Mico South Africa. “The tools and resources provided by the programme not only make my business more efficient, but also more competitive.”

The Secondary PC pilot compliments the existing Community Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher programmes which already provide affordable access to high quality technology for refurbishers that resell to schools, non-profit organisations and low income families.

Microsoft will continue its efforts worldwide to foster vibrant local markets around the refurbishment and sale of secondary PCs. This is just part of the goal set by the Unlimited Potential initiative: to reach the next one billion people who are not yet realising the benefits of technology by 2015.