Angola: Optical Fibre Links Provincial Capitals


The country's 18 provinces will be interlinked by fibre, meant to expand and improve telephone and internet services, says the minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, José Rocha de Carvalho.

The official said this while speaking at a Conference on Information Technologies, as an instrument at the service of development, held under the 10th edition of the National University Students Holiday Camping (Canfeu), that is to last until February 25.

"It is a project that has various phases and we are near the end, we are close to having the 18 capital cities linked by optical fibre", said the Minister.

The programme will comprise about 10.000 kilometres of optical fibre until its conclusion, being that later it will include the link between municipalities and communes to provide more services in matters of information and communication technology, in any part of the Angolan territory.

The Angolan satellite may be operational in the coming three to four years, under a project that is worth 320 million US dollars.