Maroc Telecom Blocks Skype

Digital Content

The Moroccan telephone operator, Maroc Telecom, has blocked  access to several sites that provide free VoIP telephone service to its users.
The ban has affected the Skype service that is used by most Moroccans to call their friends, relatives and customers overseas.

The ban has also affected access to TeamSpeak and many other services that provide the VoIP functionality.

 This decision has been taken by Maroc Telecom, which is know for its predatory commercial practices, for the purpose of shielding itself against competition and pushing its users  to pay for its services and stop using  free online services, like Skype, TeamSpeak, Viber and others.

The Maroc telecom is the former state telecom monopoly that has been sold to the French Company Vivendi. It has been a cash Cow for Vivendi for many years. it has been producing unusually high profits for the company.  Maroc Telecom is the default internet providers for Most users in Morocco.