Angola: Health Service Includes Mobile Phones On System

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A project of indicators of the health quality through mobile phone, even without using the Internet, was presented has recently been presented in Luanda by the National Department of Public Health.

The act of presenting the project dubbed "Implementing Technology based on mobile phones to produce quality health indicators, an approach to decentralisation of the health service" was chaired by the deputy minister for public health, Evelize Frestas.

This project will help early detection of levels of growth or decline of certain diseases, outbreaks, epidemics, drug stocks a certain standard and quick query of data in health centres of the cities, allowing the central structures to know what goes on in municipality centres, thus allowing prompt actions.

The project will start in Huambo in June this year, with the collection of data on malaria, since this province has seen many cases of this disease.

The project is to be extended to the whole country by the end of 2013.