Internet News - In Brief


- Tunisia’s Supreme Court has cancelled the ruling of lower court to force censorship of web content. According to local media, a civil lawsuit was brought to the lower court, seeking a ban on websites with pornographic content, as the sites were deemed offensive to Muslims. However, the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) has fought for net neutrality and lauded the Supreme Court’s decision, calling the move towards greater a censorship ‘a step backwards.’ ATI Chief Executive Moez Chakchouk said: ‘Under Ben Ali, the ATI was an instrument of political control and censorship. Today we are fighting for the neutrality of the internet, but they want to put the old cloak back on us.’

- An Africa-focused social networking site, Yookos, developed in Nigeria with current six million active users is targeting 20 million active users by the end of the current financial year.