Nigeria: Undergraduate Creates Social Network Website


Prudence Okoilu, a 300 level student of Physics and Electronics, University of Lagos (UNILAG), recently opened a social network website "HIPINGG." Its feature combines Facebook, Twitter and Pinging. Tosin Adesile met with him to talk to him about what it does.

Tell us about yourself?

I'm Prudence Okoilu, a student who also doubles as an internet entrepreneur. By this I mean, a programmer, website hacker and Graphic designer.

As an internet entrepreneur, what significant project have you embarked upon?

I've studied website and what people like. I started a website that allows people to ping without their blackberry but with the use of laptop and the likes. The website is live and its members are increasing daily and work is still in progress to make the initiative better. I studied some feature from facebook, twitter and blackberry. All these were brought together to make hipingg.

When did you start working on it?

I started working on it in October , 2011 and it became operational on December 24, 2011. Currently, we have more than 170 people on hipingg,I envisage that over 50,000 people would have joined the website before next year.

What is unique about Hipingg?

You can ping and it has a recent update unlike facebook and it combines the feature of blackberry, twitter and facebook as I have said earlier.

As a student, how do you combine your studies with these?

I work on weekends and also with the support of friends

What is unique about you?

Marx Zuckerberg, Sean Parker are programmers and unique in the system. As a Nigerian, I think an idea like this is unique coming from a 19-year-old trying to get closer to the achievement of the founder of Facebook and particularly, Sean Parker who has achieved his feat.

Why Hipingg?

Just because it is Hipingg and it's different and unique on its own. Very soon, we'll add more features and meet more creative people on the site. Hipingg team is not complete yet and we are still trying to get our mobile site that will be useful for different electronic gadgets.

General advice to the youths: If you're not on Hipingg, you're missing the fun. It is indeed a re-definition of social media.