Her Zimbabwe goes live

Digital Content

iZimbabwe’s Fungai Machirori, has launched  a website dedicated to discussing and articulating Zimbabwean women’s issues and experiences. Being one of Zimbabwe’s most insightful writers and one who’s already been already writing so much about her experience as a woman means the website is set to deliver quality content, something that you’ll agree is so much in short supply on the local web in Zimbabwe.

Two days ago the website went live. Already the amount and depth of information on the site is pleasing. Looks like Machirori has managed to bring together a talented team of writers. The tech side of the project looks solid too; the website has been designed by the same folks who work on Zimbojam, Zimbabwe’s most popular and fast growing entertainment news website.

It’s been said too many times and it remains true that Zimbabwe, and indeed the wider Africa, needs more relevant content for its internet users. Her Zimbabwe brings that, and it brings top quality content too.

In terms of the type of content the website has, from what we can tell, it’s a multi-author blog written mostly by women but also has male writers contributing. The iZimbabwe article refers to it as a portal, a term that lost meaning (to us at least) ages ago, so we’ll just go with calling it a ‘multi-author blog’ for now. The posts include videos as well, like this one in which the founder explains what Her Zimbabwe is about. You can visit herFacebook page here: