Digitizing Justice in Ghana


For over a century, the laws of Ghana have lived in courtrooms and leather-bound books where lawyers and judges across the country can refer to rulings from years ago. Information was often out of date and only accessible to a select few. To improve accountability and expand access to this critical national information, Chief Justice Georgina Wood decided to bring the system on-line.

The Judicial Service of Ghana has joined the Google Books Partner Programme, uploading judicial opinions from the High Courts, Appellate Courts, and Supreme Court to Google Books and making them searchable from the Court’s homepage.

The Court has also embedded a Google search box on its homepage, allowing any user to search and read Ghanaian judgments. Once uploaded, judicial opinions are not only searchable from the Court’s website, but also from Google.com alongside scholarly titles and Dickens classics.

You can start exploring this new digital justice resource today at www.judicial.gov.gh, and we hope you’ll find it interesting and relevant!

The Google Books Partner Programme is available to any institution at books.google.com/partner, where organizations can upload digital content for free and make it searchable from their homepage.

The Court’s work thus far marks exciting progress in bringing local African content online and is a continuation of the work we have been doing across the continent, for instance in Kenya with the Kenya Gazette. Congratulations to the Supreme Court of Ghana on making this first step, and we look forward to contributing to these efforts as they grow.