Liberia: One Million Subscribers for Lonestar MTN


Lonestar Cell MTN Liberia has disclosed that it has exceeded one Million Customers mark as MTN Group announces strong growth performance across its entire Group.

The Chief Executive Officer and President of the MTN Group has announced the Audited Results for the year end - 2011. According to Sifiso Dabengwa, Group CEO & President, the MTN Group operations in all 22 countries showed strong growth in all areas of the Group's operations.

In a news conference in Monrovia, Lonestar Cell MTN Liberia Corporate Communication Officer, Dr. Lawrence Bropleh, disclosed that the company has showed strong growth and performance during 2011. He added that Lonestar Cell MTN Liberia, a member of the MTN Group, has reported over One Million Subscribers as of December 2011.

The MTN Group is Africa's largest Telecommunications Company with over 164 Million subscribers in 22 countries.

The Lonestar Cell MTN's journey in Liberia began over 10 years - a journey to begin the healing of a nation brought by a devastating war through connectivity.

According to Dr. Bropleh, "embracing the Liberian dream has been part of the modus operandi of Lonestar Cell MTN. This dream pre-dates the Liberian civil crises. Lonestar Cell MTN has had a presence with the Liberian people and has been able to provide hope and possibilities for thousands of Liberians in time of war when many had lost hope of reaching their loved ones in Liberia, through Lonestar Cell MTN, the hope was restored through solid connectivity."

"The hopeful atmosphere has a life of longevity as Lonestar Cell MTN has strategically partnered with the Government of Liberia in many constructive ways to improve the lives of Liberians the nation over.

Starting out, there were only a few hundred subscribers. Ten years later, there are over a Million subscribers and growing. It is clear that Liberians have chosen Lonestar Cell MTN because it is the leader in converged telecommunications in Liberia and their Partner of Choice and many are signing up for Lonestar Cell MTN's service because its presence in Liberia and partnership with the government and people of Liberia has helped to restore health and wholeness by providing jobs, support in the medical area and educational and business opportunities to thousands of Liberians. Dr. Bropleh noted.

He added that strategic empowerment Lonestar Cell MTN offers, plays a pivotal role in Liberia's transformation by providing value added services and products to the Liberian market. Lonestar Cell MTN's Corporate Social Responsible disposition is outstanding and highly commendable. It has in a relevant way impacted Liberia's infrastructure development and redevelopment while improving the lives of Liberians. Without a doubt, this has strengthened the Liberian nation in a wholesome way and indeed it lifts Liberia strategically."

"Many subscribers in giving reasons while Lonestar Cell MTN is their Partner of Choice in Liberia have openly expressed their appreciation and spoken in the affirmative of Lonestar Cell MTN because according to them, Lonestar Cell MTN is not just Liberia's first GSM Company and the Leader in converged telecommunications with the best network, widest coverage and fastest mobile internet, but Lonestar Cell MTN has kept its promise to its many subscribers and the public as a whole, adequately meeting their telecommunications needs, while offering world class service.

A fact that cannot be disputed is that Lonestar Cell MTN has subscribers in all 15 counties in Liberia and these subscribers are important to Lonestar Cell MTN hence, it strives daily to improve connectivity for its subscribers and provide ease and comfort in communicating.

As the Leader in converged telecommunications in Liberia, Lonestar Cell MTN has been the first to introduce in Liberia Mobile Broadband internet based on 3.5G technology through its iConnect, contributing to more efficient systems for existing voice, text and data services.

Lonestar Cell MTN is the first and only telecommunications company in Liberia to introduce versatile Mobile Base Transmission Sites for quick deployment in remote areas with challenging access. Mobile Base transmission Sites Revolutionizes and adopts a smarter and practical approach to react quickly to power outages on existing BTS sites, disaster areas where no GSM coverage exist and areas where the network becomes congested because of temporary events." Dr. Bropleh said.