South Africa: Kagiso New Media Launches New Celebrity Website


Kagiso New Media have launched a website, Zalebs celebrity channel, by branching it out of its former Howzit MSN platform. Lauren Lee Atkinson has been appointed as the editor of the website and leads a team of staff writers, who generate fresh news and pictures every day.

The site brings users the latest info about favourite South African celebrities, from models and soapie stars to actors, media personalities and sports idols. was designed by Gloo and includes many photos and videos.

Says Kagiso New Media editor Justin Zehmke, "It has enjoyed large growth as a channel on the Howzit MSN portal and reached a size where it deserved to become a web destination in its own right. We will actively be directing users to the site from the MSN portal, though Howzit MSN will also continue to carry Zalebs content.

"We are making a substantial investment into growing the brand because we believe it has a lot of potential in a market where users are hungry for local celebrity news."