Nigeria: NESREA Slams N5 Million Fine On MTN


The National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency, NESREA has slammed a N5 million fine on MTN for reopening its base station in EFAB Estate, Mbora District, Abuja sealed last week.

Director, Inspection and Enforcement of NESREA, Mrs. Ronke Soyombo, who led a NESREA Team of Inspection and Enforcement Officials to reseal the premises, insisted that the base station must remain shut for violating Environmental Laws and falling short on the regulation on 10 metres set back from the residential area.

Soyombo said that MTN would also pay a daily fine of fifty thousand naira for as long as the offence persists. "No one is bigger than the law. MTN must be made to operate by the rules and regulations."

The said base station according to NESERA defied an earlier removal order from FCDA development control.

Following numerous complaints from angry residents, NESREA investigated the base station and shut it down two weeks ago when it was found to be only 1.2 metres from the nearest house. Moreover, residents in the area insisted that the operators had been warned as far back in 2009 not to erect on that site which they ignored, a statement from NESERA noted.

Soyombo said that "apart from the five million naira, we are going to press charges against MTN for acting outside the confines of the law and also for illegally removing a seal which was put by NESREA. That is a criminal offence against the Federal Republic of Nigeria".