Liberia to launch HSPA+ network


Liberia’s Cellcom will be launching an HSPA+ network in the country in an effort to improve the internet browsing experience for mobile internet users. The implementation will be the fastest and only HSPA+ network in the country.

Avishai Marziano, the CEO of Cellcom, said that the technology will give mobile users the best possible experience and allow for mobile phones to perform better. “We are stepping up our technology a notch to give our consumers the best for their money. We are redefining cellular technology in Liberia and will provide the fastest and best quality in surfing as part of what is the vision of the mobile Internet which is the key component and central service for our client.”

The launch of the HSPA+ network will give mobile users the chance to experience internet at a much faster speed than many home office internet connections in Liberia. The technology will have a capacity of 21Mbs browsing.

“With the new technology, the current browsing speed cellular network will exceed by 100 times that of our competitors and 10 times of 3G network,” Marziano continued.

“We have seen an increase in customers consuming cellphones since we broke the monopoly. Now with new technology like smartphones and l-phones we are in the process of upgrading our networks to make our customers happy and stay ahead of the competition.”