TEAMS to sue KPA over cable cut


The TEAMS cable company has sued the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) and a shipping firm for the recent cable cut at Mombasa that caused disruption in Internet services.

“We will sue it (KPA) again as soon as we establish the cause of the cut, we have already sued it for $15 million in the earlier case of which they have deposited $2.5 million with the court,” said Bitange Ndemo, PS in the Ministry of Information and Communication as he spoke to the Business Daily.

This incident had happened before causing Internet disruptions for close to a month in February and it led to companies moving in on Satellite Internet services that are much costly and offer slower voice and data services as compared to fiber optic services just to be safer when fiber cable cuts happen.

Ken Munyi, GM at iWay Africa, commented that, “Operators are increasingly appreciating the importance of back-up solutions, which has seen increased demand for satellite services.” He added, “Since the EASSY cable was cut on February 25, we have witnessed increased enquiries and interest.”

Ndemo acknowledged the need to find out the activities that were happening there and whether KPA was using geo-maps to direct ships considering it is an “off-limit” landing zone.