Niger: Restoration of broadband Internet outage after a three-month


The Niger Telecommunications Company announced the reinstatement of its broadband Internet services, after three months of load shedding due to a failure on a separate line of fiber optics in neighboring Benin. This a breakdown that reinforces the need for countries to have multiple fibre connections for redundancy purposes.

"We have restored the high-speed Internet (....) on the optical fiber, after the failure recorded since January this year in Benin from where we are served," said Amoumoune Adam, head of sales and marketing. Niger experienced disturbances on its Internet following a breakdown at the line called "Sat3" which supplies the country since the maritime source in neighboring Benin.

This situation, the official said, has forced the company to "consider a supply via satellite, but it is insufficient." Niger has a low penetration of Information Technology and Communication (ICT), especially because of the costs of ICT equipment very high in this country.