Algeria: Presidential Party (FLN) Invites Internet Users On Facebook


The National Liberation Front Party (FLN) announced on Thursday that its Secretary General Abdellaziz Belkhadem would reply on Sunday to the Internet users' questions and queries on Facebook as part of the ongoing campaign for the May 10th legislative polls in Algeria.

The announcement was made on the FLN party's Website indicating that Mr Abdellaziz Belkhadem would provide answers to the questions between 19h and 20h local time or 18h and 19h GMT.

The FLN Party which held the majority of seats in the outgoing National Popular Assembly is hoping to retain its leading role by garnering a maximum of seats in the future Assembly at a time when the party is beset by an internecine power struggle which could shatter its unity and cohesion.

Algeria with a population of over 36 million inhabitants, counted in late 2010 around 5 million-Internet users.