Free Internet for Schools in Namibia


Starting from May this year, Institutions of higher learning, vocational training centres, state schools as well as health centres will enjoy free Internet access. This information was made available by the The Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MITC), Joël Kaapanda. He revealed that government has spent US$37.5 million, which equals approximately N$300 million, to make the service available.

The telephone line and the and the wireless technology for the project has been made available by the Telecom Namibia.

However, Electricity still remains a very serious challenge at all schools, lack of computer equipments in schools is also another concern, according to Kaapanda.
He added that MITC and the Ministry of Education would avail a computer for every Namibian child. “We are gradually implementing this programme,” he stated.

“Internet usage will be free unless blocked by the institution for destructive websites,” he explained. Internet access will be free on state-owned premises as well as individuals on the premises.In addition, the cost of Internet will be reduced drastically for business people and private individuals.

He went on to explain that the broadband connection would come from Portugal and travel through West Africa, connecting a number of African countries along the coast until it lands in Swakopmund.

Internet access in the country is still slow, epileptic and expensive, and this has resulted to huge financial losses for businesses over the years.