Start e-learning programme life skills


In april 2012 Viafrica's pilot 'KIDSworks' began in Tanzania and Kenya. The project Kidsworks will provide ICT support to some social organisations that visit schools with life skills programmes. These organisations are Macheo Children's Centre and Watoto in Kenya and White Orange Youth in Tanzania.

At the heart of the project is intention to improve the knowledge of the children’s life-skills. The skills focused on in the pilot are HIV\AIDS, drug abuse and adolescence. Our aim has been to augment the already existing social programmes of our local partners with ICT based learning. This involves a dynamic relationship between learning from interactive E-learning content contained on the laptops supplied for the programme as well as the classical approach given by partner organization’s social workers.

Behind the concept of the programme is its technical implementation as the development of the KIDSworks platform on which the E-content is deployed by Oscar Buse, the platform is operated by one of Viafrica’s technicians travels with the programme. The platform itself is operating as mobile and wireless in a powerless environment.

 The pilot programme reaches ten primary schools in Tanzania and twenty primary schools in Kenya. In each country and social context, we are testing different aspects of the programme to evaluate its effectiveness in improving the skills and knowledge of the children. With a successful implementation the possibility is opened to make it part of a diverse range of learning activities.