An Initiative for Sudanese Knowledge -Based Society

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I had the honor of attending on Saturday 21-April 2012; a meeting organized by some Sudanese academicians and youth aiming at establishing an organization for promoting a Knowledge-based Society in Sudan.

The initiative aims at establishing a non-governmental society or organization with branches all over Sudan and the goals have been defined to raise awareness and education about KM (Knowledge Management) through the provision of training courses on electronic learning using the Internet sharing experiences ,organizing competitions and KM system development .

The SKBSO four additional aims are documentation and assembly of knowledge in all study areas organizing regular scientific workshops .create global knowledge exchange opportunities create knowledge exchange mechanisms between academic and professional and continues improvement and development of KM strategies.
It was interesting that the Forum was attended by a number of private sector companies and businessmen which indicate that awareness is increasing about the importance of the knowledge society for business in today world.