Crackers, Fraudsters' Activities Surge On Phones in Nigeria


A bid by fraudsters to rip off unsuspecting Nigerian mobile phones users has been on the increase in the past months using cloning. Crackers have visited Nigerian mobile networks cloning handsets and SIM cards as they divert calls and even use other people's phone numbers to make calls.

This phenomenon is however not new to Nigerian networks as cases of cloning had been reported in several networks across the globe. The matter has become so worrisome that MTN at the weekend alerted its numerous customers to a rash of fraudulent text messages being sent by individuals wishing to cash in on its ongoing MTN Treasure Hunt promo.

A statement from the company said some persons yet to be identified are currently sending text messages to subscribers, announcing they have won some money and requesting them to call a number in order to redeem their winnings.

Phone users have complained of crackers in different locations and with different handsets using their own phone numbers to make calls to their handsets. Some have even noticed their credits depleting massively over a short period of time when it was obvious they never made calls.

MTN has advised its subscribers should to ignore text messages telling them they have won money or any other promo prize saying that such messages are neither from MTN nor any of our staff members. They are from individuals who are intent on defrauding innocent people," said Bola Akingbade, Chief Marketing Officer, MTN.

It would be recalled that some individuals have been sending out text messages to some MTN subscribers telling them they had won some prizes in the ongoing promo and requesting them to go online to fill in their personal and bank details, including ATM card numbers and PIN. For this purpose, the con-artists set up fraudulent websites, such as, which has since been shut down.

“When a subscriber wins a prize in any of our promos, we will call them and direct them to the MTN office where they can redeem their prize. MTN staff will not, under any circumstances, request for credit or ask subscribers to fill in their bank details, ATM card number and PIN in order to claim a promo prize or winning," said Akingbade.

The Daily Independent