Internet News - In Brief


- According to TeleGeography's Global Internet Geography Research, Italy overtook the United Kingdom in 2008 as the top Internet hub for Africa. Today, Italy is the major international Internet route supporting the IP traffic generated by Africa’s users.

- With the growing concerns about online security, Microsoft and Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) have formed a coalition to launch a campaign against cybercrime. This follows the recent announcements that Microsoft is also participating in the campaign against Internet lottery scams on a global level, in partnership with Yahoo!, Western Union and the African Development Bank.

- MTN Cameroon has launched WiMAX services in 18 cities, according to Telecompaper citing Le Quotidien Mutations. A range of plans are on offer for both consumers and business users.

- The French navy will join the Kenyan navy to offer security to the ship laying The East African Marine System Cable (TEAMS) when it reaches the coast of Somalia. Taking additional precautions, the Alcatel team will also move 90 kilometers off the coast of Somalia to ensure that it is in international waters.

- The number of South African Internet users increased by 12.5 percent this year, the fastest growth in seven years, but Africa's biggest economy still lags Egypt, Nigeria and Morocco, a report showed on Thursday. An Internet access report by research firm World Wide Worx said 4.5 million South Africans were now using the Internet -- less than one in 10 -- and said growth in 2008 was driven by a 50 percent rise in broadband users.

- Tunisia will soon host the Arab World Internet Institute with Tunisian ICT expert Khaled Koubaa elected as its president. The announcement was made by the vice -chair of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID) Mr Talal Abu Ghazaleh, during an address he gave at the "ICT 4 all Forum", recently convened in Hammamet, Tunisia.

- Nigerian and Chinese officials have opened talks on a replacement satellite for NigComSat1. Part of the discussions includes the start of work on the design and launch of NigComSat2 and NigComSat3 as backup satellites. The Chinese have also opted to provide alternative bandwidth source for NIGCOMSAT Limited and its clients pending when the replacement satellite goes into space anywhere between 18 months and two years.

- O3b Networks announce that it has added NEDA Telecommunications to its growing list of customers. Located in Afghanistan, NEDA Telecom is the largest ISP in the country.

- Full-service online marketing agency Quirk eMarketing walked off with its first international accolade last week - the E-consultancy Innovation Award for Innovation in SEO & Natural Search for its South African Tourism Google Earth Layer. is the third official tourism layer to be integrated into the Google Earth core.