More than one billion USD invested so far in Airtel’s network in the DRC, further investments of USD 615 million planned


Airtel, the largest telecom network in DRC, is the first operator to be visited by the new Telecommunications & ICT Minister in the country –Tryphon Kin-Kiey Mulumba. The visit was part of the newly appointed Minister’s familiarization program to understand the realities that the telecom operators are dealing with in the country. 

The Minister was delighted with the  level of investments made by the Airtel telecom network in DRC: More than a billion U.S. dollars has been invested in the network over the years, and Airtel plans to invest an additional 615 million U.S. dollars over the next three years.

Commenting on his visit, Kin-Kiey Mulumba said: “Our country is very large and the potential is huge. Airtel is a big company, and the investments made so far by Airtel in our country are amazing. We, as the Government, are under the obligation to make available the essential infrastructures to enable operators like Airtel and others to continue investing in our country and improve the national coverage. "

"The Government’s instructions are very clear as for an immediate sale of the 3G license to telecom operators and completion of the Optical fiber landing station. The Optical fiber question is a matter of priority for the Government," he added.

Airtel DRC Managing Director, Antoine Pamboro, thanked the Minister for this visit which allowed the new head of the telecom sector to interact with Airtel’s team. The Minister and his delegation were impressed by Airtel’s technical achievements. Whist 60% of the Congolese population is covered, there is still a lot more potential. He also pointed out the organizations commitment to youth education. To date, three schools in Kinshasa, Kasai-Oriental and Bas-Congo benefit from Airtel’s adopt a school program.

Airtel has also expressed willingness to take up a 25 % participation of the company to be set up to manage the Optical Fiber in the Democratic Republic of Congo.