Rwanda: Digital Opportunity Trust Taking Computer Skills to Gakenke Villages


After training 150 people in 3 tranches, the nonprofit organization Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) has enrolled more 60 people in their basic ICT training courses.

DOT Project Manager in Gakenke District, Daniel Mbaga said that their trainings are one month scheduled with intention of equipping the youth with basic ICT skills necessary for job creation and marketing of their activities.

Speaking of the problems that face DOT project, Mbaga said that most of their trainees are male, thus living them with less number of females attending their course studies thus creating gender imbalance.

Lack of enough computer services in comparison to an overwhelming number of youth who wish to pursue their studies is also another hindrance that DOT faces.

Apart from ICT skill development, DOT also equips its trainees with business development skills like business plan preparations and advertising tips.

Emmanuel Habiyambere on of DOT's trainees aged 38 and a resident of Rusagara Cell, Gakenke Sector in Gakenke district says that the received training is very crucial to his career since prior he was only dealing with electronics hardware but this time he will tackle even the software part of gadgets.

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) is a leading international organization, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. DOT focuses on creating educational, economic, and entrepreneurial opportunity through the effective use of ICT for communities and people in countries that are developing, are in transition, or are under stress.