South Africa’s Tectonic launches open source business directory


How many times have you heard that open source support is hard to find? If you collected a couple of cents for each time you heard it you would be basking in the Bahamas on a yacht right now.

The reality is that there are tons of open source support companies in the market. It’s just that very few people know where to find them. So Tectonic has decided to add the Tectonic Open Source Business Directory to its web page.

Phase one of the directory, which is a listing of companies providing a range of open source services, is now open and the good news is that listing any company (or finding one to help you) is completely free. And it will remain free for the foreseeable future.

During this launch phase the directory is open to all companies operating in South Africa and providing open source services. Whether you are a trainer, a developer, provide support services or install Asterisk, the directory is there to be used.

For the initial phase of the directory it is limited to companies and individuals providing services in South Africa specifically. In future phases, and depending on demand, it will look at expanding this to other regions.