South Africa's MTN Investigated Over Bribery Allegations


South Africa's anti-corruption police force has started looking into allegations that MTN paid bribes to secure its Iranian mobile operating license. The company denies the claims, which were made by Turkish mobile network,Turkcell after it lost the license.

Turkcell has also published a letter it has sent to the UK judge, Lord Hoffmann investigating the claims for MTN citing evidence that it claims proves the allegations.

Turkcell has also alleged that MTN pressured the government to vote in favour of Iran at international forums. The government also denied the claims.

The police investigating the allegations are the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI), also known as the Hawks, South Africa's equivalent of the USA's FBI.

MTN is also coming under pressure to explain reports that its Iranian subsidiary was able to secure computer hardware that is banned under US sanctions against the country.