Internet News - In Brief


- Domain registry LogicBoxes announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with Moroccan registrar and web hosting provider Genious Communications to help increase its domain extension portfolio. According to LogicBoxes, Genious is the first Moroccan ICANN Accredited Registrar and is one of the first few from Africa. Genioussays  ICANN accreditation has given it an advantage over its competition.

- African Perspectives is an online platform for Africans on the continent or in the Diaspora – that is People of African Descent – to showcase their very own perspective on a given situation, a cultural event in their region, talk and discuss approaches of investments in their country or how developmental projects are being or should be conducted.

- I Paid a Bribe is an initiative of Kenyan anti-corruption activists fighting corruption in Kenya using the new technologies to crowdsource corruption experiences. I Paid a Bribe, modeled after India's anti-corruption portal (IPAB), is a partnership between IPAB and Wamani Trust of Kenya to bring IPAB to East and Central Africa.