Morocco's strategy to build digital trust


The threat of cybercrime has become an integral part of the daily lives of individuals, businesses and government agencies in Morocco.

Every day, news websites and social networks report attacks against personal accounts, corporate websites and information systems of public agencies.

The increasing number of attacks indicates that public and private information systems are mature and that information technologies are steadily spreading amongst the general public.

In response to the surge in cybercrime and to help citizens and strategic operators tackle issues related to the security of networks and information systems, the government has created a “digital trust” strategy.

Morocco’s new “MA-CERT” (Computer Emergency Response Team) aims to address computer security incidents, co-ordinate responses on the national level, provide analysis of vulnerabilities and restore attacked systems.

In operational terms, this new structure of public cyber-safety targets three priority areas: the government, administration and the public sector.

Morocco has also upgraded its legal arsenal to offer better guarantees to users of information technologies. To ensure compliance with the provisions of the new law, a National Commission for the Protection of Personal Data (CNDP) was established in 2011.