Rwanda: Computer Programmers Klab, Opens a Beta Release


There would be no Silicon Valley if it was not because of the garages and Stanford University's dorms from where computer wizards developed today's most influential web based companies.

With Rwandans' case it is different; the Computer Wizards do not have to meet in garages, there is a special high tech laboratory that has been set up for them in the Telecom house.

The high tech lab dubbed kLab is located 5th floor of the Kaciru Telecom house. Fabulously decorated with the fastest Internet speeds available in the country being offered by BSC and cloud sourcing facilities, the kLab opened its doors as a beta release late this May 2012.

kLab is a project created by Rwanda Development Board, JICA and Carnegie Mellon University.

Nicolas Pottier, an enthusiast programmer at Nyaruka and active member of kLab writes "This is a Beta release, some things aren't quite done yet, some edges are still a bit rough, but we are pretty sure you'll still find it pretty awesome. Thanks to BSC we have some fast internet, and thanks to RDB we have some incredible space for you to work in."

kLab being a community workspace, all of its services are offered free of charge and recruitment of its members is on a two basis system.

There are tenants and mentors types of kLab members, with the currently registered number of tenants at 10; the management of kLab has scheduled to recruit more tenants before 6th June 2012.

Walking into the fantastically decorated kLab, you get to see coders vigorously scrambling their keyboards or projecting power point presentations or discussing solutions to computer programs.