Senegal, births are reported by telephone

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Village leaders in the Kolda region, assisted by the Sonatel Foundation and the NGO Aide et Action, are to promote a new initiative aimed at helping parents to register births of their children to using the phone.

In the Kolda region, some 7,500 children, old enough to go to school, are not reported to the registry, according to the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF).

This project is in a test phase, according to its promoters, who have developed an innovation of birth registration through the mobile phone with village leaders. The village leaders are responsible for sending the statements recorded in civil registration services.

This initiative is beginning to bear fruit. '' The project is welcomed by the people here. Birth registrations by phone arouse enthusiasm among people. Householders adhere, which eventually result in the end for late reporting. [...]'', Testifies Kandé Yaya, an assistant village chief Dioulacolon.

'' In four statements a year of birth, a few years ago, we ended up with 20 returns for only a month,'' he adds.

Software is used to store data (birth registration), according to proponents. They explain that the phone, available to each village chief, is attached to its center of vital statistics, which are transferred to the data collected, says Testifies Kandé Yaya, an assistant village chief Dioulacolon.