Zimbabwe: Utande Unveils New Broadband Service


One of the country's leading Internet service providers, Utande, has introduced an innovative broadband service designed for households and small businesses. The latest offering from the data services provider that falls under the Dandemutande Investments group promises to provide unrivalled connection quality, true broadband speeds and unbeatable service for households and small businesses.

uMAX was unveiled to industry leaders and stakeholders in Harare last week. Dandemutande Investments chairman Joe Mutizwa said the new product would complement the services that Utande has been offering the corporate world for the past 15 years.

"This follows a six-month testing phase based on significant network investments made over the past two years." He added.

Dandemutande Investments is majority owned by Masawara plc, a Jersey-registered investment company, primarily focused on acquiring interests in companies and projects based in Zimbabwe and the Southern African region.

Dandemutande Investments has made an initial capital investment of over US$17 million as part of its uMAX rollout.

uMAX promises an exceptional and very different broadband Internet customer experience. It offers super-fast 1 Mbps connections for all customers; 24-hour customer services support, an expertly managed network for maximum up time and superior and consistent quality; and multiple "MAX mini-stores" within some of Harare's leading retail stores and brands.

Dandemutande interim chief executive Mr Mike Weeden said communications was one of the fastest growing industries and the launching of uMAX, initially to the Harare retail market, provided an important investment in the Zimbabwean economy, which in turn supports other businesses.

"There is significant opportunity in the market for a new service provider, focused on delivering true broadband Internet services and unbeatable customer experiences to home users and small businesses," he said.

"To date these segments have not been adequately served by local Internet providers and those that do are unable to deliver to the high standards people want and expect. Our research shows that customers want a better end-to-end experience and we are convinced there is considerable demand for a service provider that can consistently deliver exceptionally fast speeds, unrivalled connection and reliability, and unbeatable service. That service provider is uMAX." He added.

The uMAX service has been arduously tested for over six months under the direction of Dandemutande's chief technical officer, Mr Colin Franco, with a team of local and international technical consultants.

"Dandemutande has installed 11 base stations throughout greater Harare, providing service across much of the city. Through pro-active network management, uMAX technical services will avoid congestion with a robust and resilient network core," said Mr Franco.

uMAX head of sales, Mr Naguib Omar, explained that the company is now selling its services in Harare through a unique distribution and sales model and will be partnering with other strategic retail partners, in whose premises uMAX will have considerable visibility and presence in "MAX mini stores".