Vodafone Vows to Make Ghana Telecom Market Leader


Ghana Telecom’s new CEO David Venn continued its media blitz to convince people that the company will become a market leader. Its not-so secret weapon? Innovations, products and services offered by Vodafone.

"Vodafone is here to change the telecomm market in Ghana. We will build and transform GT into a world class company. We are sure that with Vodafone, we will be on top because by far it is the biggest telecommunication provider in the world."

Venn also told the local press that 800 staff have been trained in skills development programmes locally, while 45 have attended training programmes overseas since Vodafone took over the company two and half months ago. "I believe strongly in coaching people and training them to understand the environment within which they are working. We intend to do a lot more to brace the market and this is the start of greater things to come."

Venn laid out Vodafone’s vertically integrated strategy:”The end result will be a company that provides fixed line, broadband and mobile services under one roof." He said that currently much work is on going to achieve vast improvement in network quality.

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