CCK to introduce number portability in 2009 in Kenya


CCK has announced plans to introduce number portability in the country next year.

According to a public notice carried in the local press last week, Service Provider Number Portability (SPNP) will be implemented in Kenya between March and September 2009.

CCK has already developed a consultation paper on number portability and invited the public and stakeholders to forward their views and comments by December 15 this year.

Number portability will enhance competition in the current multi-operator environment by providing consumers with the flexibility to choose the desired service provider in a seamless manner and without having to worry about the prospect of having to be out of contact with business associates, friends and family.

This is the second time that CCK has had a run at introducing number portability. In 2004, the Commission initiated public consultation process on the subject. Arising from the consultation, it was felt that the market was not ready as there were only two licensed mobile operators in the country. It was therefore feared that introduction of number portability would have resulted in unnecessary churn.

The number of mobile operators in the country is set to increase to four with the recent launch of services by Orange (Telkom Kenya) and the expected launch of Econet Wireless Kenya at the end of November 2008.