Nigeria: Students, Teachers Get E-Learning Data Base


An IT based-educational database for teachers and students has been launched in Abuja. The data base called Green Book system will provides a wide range of IT enhanced free learning tools for students and teachers in Nigerian schools.

Initiator of the system, Victor Odiah, said the program provides a free and dedicated database for academic materials for teachers at both secondary and tertiary levels.

With the new system "teachers can now upload their lecture notes and tutorials to their GreenBook workspace and their students can access these materials anytime and from anywhere. Their students will also be able to post questions, contributions or comments on the online discussion forums," he said.

Odiah said "beyond the classrooms, students and their teachers can now stay connected on the class based online discussion forums. They can share ideas, discuss academics topics on a wider scale and build a valuable pool of academic discussions."

The Green Book project started in 2008 at the University of East London, UK, following a research by Odiah, who was then a post-graduate student.

He said that the program is designed in a user friendly, social networking structure, "where e-learning /academic document sharing application delivers its educational tools on a standard social networking environment making it easy for teachers and students to use."

"One of the objectives of the Green book project is to make universities and colleges greener by reducing the amount of paper consumed within the institutions," he said.

It also provides a database for O'level and UME/JAMB students, who can now have access to hundreds of short tutorials and also connect to other students writing the same exams. "These tutorials are contributed by selected teachers from all over Nigeria," Odiah said.