Google Map Maker arrives in Egypt


With the launch of Map Maker in Egypt, “anyone who cares about maps can lend their local expertise to create more detailed views of the places they know, such as their town, school, and more. Users can locate, draw, label and provide attributes for Egyptian map features for their area,” read the statement.

“Users can add town details such as local coffee shops, restaurants and street directions, add details on the area surrounding historical locations like the Pyramids of Giza or the Valley of the Kings as well as detailed maps of buildings and public areas such as a detailed campus map for Cairo University with description of academic buildings, athletic facilities and walkways,” Google said.

“This helps people best navigate the area, especially when it’s their first visit. The information is verified by the amount of similar information and a team of experts.”

Before the update is uploaded and verified on Google maps, pending information is available online and users can contribute to it more or even verify the information. The system takes into consideration user contributions, identifies duplicates and detects potential spam. The final approval is made by regional experts and a small team of Google reviewers considering Egyptians submissions.