Glo- One Submarine Cable will be ready for Launch in March 2009


Nigeria's second national carrier, Globacom, has emphasised its readiness to launch its international submarine cable, Glo 1, touted as the solution to Nigeria and West Africa's bandwidth requirements, in March 2009.

Globacom, in a statement last week, said the 9,500 kilometre state-of-the-art cable would enable it to have a clear distinction in providing quality services through multiple and high quality direct links to several countries across the globe. It added that the cable would enable it to interconnect with several international networks and leading traffic carriers all over the world.

The firm's Group Chief Operating Officer, Mohamed Jameel, said the $150 million contract for the construction of the 8,300-kilometre long submarine cable was awarded to Alcatel Lucent. The project is expected to provide connectivity from Lagos to Bude in UK through fibre optic cable laid undersea. The cable’s capacity was described as up to 32 STM 64s.

Jameel said in readiness for the launch, 4,400 kilometres of the undersea cable had already been laid from UK, through Portugal to Nouakchott in Mauritania. According to him, cable laying from Nouakchott to Nigeria had started, adding that the cable required to complete the laying of the facility to Nigeria was already on its way. Previously it was understood that the cable had been laid as far as Dakar but not landed.

He said the cable, with a capacity of 640 Giga bytes, would have landing points in UK, Portugal, Ghana and Senegal as well as in Lagos and Bonny in Nigeria by February next year.

Jameel added that landing points would also be extended to other West Africa countries by the fourth quarter of 2009. There will be 18 branching units along the route upon completion of the project.

In addition to the Glo 1 project, Jameel said Alcatel would also provide one STM 64 submarine cable capacity from UK to New York to connect Nigeria to the United States (US) to provide crystal clear voice calls and high speed data/Internet transmission services.

Globacom's international operation is backed by the four gateways it has deployed in Nigeria comprising two in Lagos, one in Abuja and one in Port Harcourt.

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