Central African IT Experts Meet in Brazzaville


A meeting of new information and communication technology (NTIC) experts of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC), opened last Monday in Brazzaville ahead of the ministerial conference starting Thursday in the Congolese capital.

On the occasion, CEMAC Commissioner for Infrastructure and Sustainable Development Bernard Zoba said the member countries are lagging behind in ICTs and should quickly bridge the divide with other African regions and parts of the world regarding digital infrastructure.

"Underdevelopment and inadequate infrastructure in Africa have turned out to be the major obstacles that will continue to jeopardise the continent’s economic and social development and integration if not addressed," Zoba said.

"Efforts must be made at sub-regional and continental levels to provide Africa with affordable, efficient and reliable infrastructure and related services capable of promoting integration and ensuring the continent’s participation in globalization," he added.

The meetings, which were opened by Congolese Posts and Telecommunications minister Mougala Thiery will consider two major sub-regional projects – a planned Central African School of Telecommunications, and a Sub-regional telecommunications maintenance centre.