Liberia: New IT Academy for Kids Soon


The Starz College of Technology has developed an information technology program under the name "Starz for Kids" to provide IT skills training and education in various disciplines such as math, spelling, reading and Art, among others to Liberian youth.

According to the administration of the school, the initiative will help to broaden the minds of Liberia's future generation and help them gain interest in technology.

The program is expected to operate in three different categories with students having access to computer and typing skills, Mathematics, English and spelling lessons along with educational and challenging computer games. The IT kid academy is first of its kind in the country for children between 5 and 15.

The President of the institution Latim Dathong said in an interview with this paper the prime objective is to provide kids with basic computer literacy and computerized educational experiences as well as training that will improve their skills in Math, English, reading and spelling, using the computer.

He said the school has done a lot for adults, adding, it is about time the kids of Liberia be given an opportunity to enable them get on the path of technology like in other countries.

"Liberian kids are really smart; by providing resources for them to learn, it will help them in many different ways as they grow with technology", Dathong stressed.

He said though the program seeks sponsorship from donors, the school will eventually open by the end of July. "We are hoping that many people will invest in the kids for a better Liberia; if the kids' minds are open to technology, they will think positively as the world advances in technology," he added.

He explained that the first phase of the program will comprise of students between ages 5 and 9 years and they will undergo three separate levels. Level one will last for two months while levels two and three will last for three months each. He added that a child within this category will last for eight months before advancing to the next stage.

Dathong said students in category two will be between ages 9 and 12, and that levels one and three will last for three months each, while level two will last for two months. According to him, kids in category two will attend classes for seven months before moving to the next stage.