Tanzania: Record Keeping Tech in Schools Launched


A new technology that keeps records of academic, discipline and other information for students in secondary schools and colleges has been launched.

The new system dubbed 'centralized students' information' will enable teachers, students as well as parents and guardians keep track of academic performance among other information of respective students.

A brainchild of Hill Brokers Technology Limited, the technology is also envisaged to allow respective schools and colleges to easily manage students' information.

"The system shows remarks by teachers, attendance, examination schedules, fees payments and discipline of the students which can be accessed anytime by the user of the system for a particular school," according to Hill Brokers Technology Chief Executive Officer, Mr Maleva Selestine.

Speaking during the launch of the technology over the weekend, the Tanzania Association of Managers and Owners of Non-governmental Schools and Colleges (TAMONGSCO) was impressed by the system and called for modern ways of keeping school records of students.

"Modern ways of keeping records help parents, guardians, school authorities and students to keep track of academic performance which also save time," TAMONGSCO Chairman, Mr Mark Mringo, said.

He urged both private and government owned schools to use the facility as it is hassle-free, saves time, energy, money and other resources.