Africa: Social Media Skills for African Youth With Disabilities


Open Society Foundation and Disability Right Initiative have formed an organization to cater specifically to the disabled African youth - African Youth With Disability Network.

Through the network, African youths around the continent with disability received training on social media skills and how to work and portray themselves as journalists:

Earlier this month, a workshop was held in Dakar, Senegal and several countries including Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, Zambia, and Tunisia. Persons with disability are not just covered in positive light but no light at all. The workshop empowered persons with disability with techniques on how to handle and take over media especially the social media and included communication and writing techniques.

Rebecca, an active Kenyan blogger, discusses the workshop on her blog:

    This week I had a fabulous week with a group of young people; training on media, whether new or old is never easy. The media in every country is almost guilty of similar things; they don’t cover our issues, they entrench prejudice and stereotypes in most cases never have time to write and air positive stories.

The workshop educated and trained the disabled so that they can in turn educate the public using tools such as Twitter and Facebook.

Deputy Secretary General for Administration at Federation of Liberian Youth, Daintowon Pay-bayee ,says, “disability is not inability.” She then asks, “you have heard that before but what is your perception if you first meet a disabled person?” Ms Pay-bayee refuses to be judged because of what she is that's why she will keep working on her dream: