Walking direction for Google Maps Africa launched

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Google has today announced the release of walking directions for Africa, although in Beta. This comes after it released the driving direction on Google Maps in 2010 in Africa.

This is “a big release” noting that in Africa’s developing countries, people have more use for walking directions.

The Walking Directions capability will enable users to get route maps for their destinations -- using paths, roads and sidewalks.

To start using the walking direction, users have to first access Google Maps and instead of using the driving direction button on the top left part, there is a walking direction icon they can use.

Google however cautions that the walking direction is still in Beta and many routes might be missing.

“Walking directions are editable, so if anything is amiss, you can correct it with our community mapping tool Google Map Maker,” the company said.

“We are always grateful to our active African online cartographers who have helped make our African maps what they are today,” Jacqueline Rajuai, GIS Specialist and Jarda Bengl, Business Product Manager, Google said in a statement.

Google seems to be taking mapping in Africa seriously after years of neglect. Early this year, the company started the street view project in Botswana.

Google street view is a component of the Google map project.  It enables users to view a real representation of various streets in given cities.