Tunisia: Online Platform to Monitor Police Abuse

Digital Content

Yezzi [translated as “enough” from Tunisian dialect], is a “cop watch map in Tunisia” which seeks to document and report police abuse ranging from taking bribes, physical or sexual abuse to racism and death threats. The platform was launched by the Tunisian Association for Digital Liberties [known by ATLN from its French Acronym], which deploy new technologies to create online platforms like Yezzi as a way to “help build a democratic, free and open society in Tunisia”.

Last April, Yezzi came first in the National Contest for Free Softwares, which this year rewarded the most innovative open source projects.

Based on Ushahidi platform, Yezzi seeks to collect violence testimonies sent by mobile, web, e-mail and SMS, and then place them on a Google Map. Yezzi deploys the concept of crowdsourcing in the service of the mobile social mapping, and a combination of social activism, citizen journalism, and geographical information…
We believe that transparency can help not only solve problems but also better understand them.

For so many years, Tunisia stood as a country where police corruption and abuse passed unnoticed - and unpunished. People would talk among themselves about such wrong doings, but only few would dare speak about them in public, or resort to justice. Yezzi, offers those who experience police abuse, or witness police officers involved in wrongdoings the chance to report on such incidents, and anonymously if they so wish. The users of this platform can also upload videos and pictures illustrating police abuse.