Namibia: Wifi Hotspots Bring Convenience to City's Mobile Web Users

Digital Content

Africa Online, formerly MWeb Namibia, is rolling out WiFi hotspots in Windhoek, with more centres to follow. Marc Gregan, General Manager of AfricaOnline, said the massive increase in users of mobile devices and laptops led to the decision to expand the product.

"AfricaOnline WiFi hotspots are used in lodges and hotels across Namibia. We received requests to introduce the product to various centres in Namibia and we begun the roll-out to the general public, using the same voucher system that is used in tourism," Gregan said.

"More and more people are using laptops and mobile devices, to work and during their leisure time, for browsing, e-mail and social networking. AfricaOnline's WiFi hotspots will give access to well-maintained internet at very competitive rates."

The first WiFi hotspots are available at Eros Park Shopping Centre, Baines Centre, the Old Power Station Centre, in Kleine Kuppe, at the Show Grounds and at the AfricaOnline offices.

Gregan said any device with wireless networking capability can use AfricaOnline WiFi hotspots.

"This includes laptops, desktops and many mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Kindles. All you have to do is use your wireless software to find the AFOL Hotspot network, enter the voucher details and you are on."