NCC Approves Africa's First Smart Phone

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has accredited and approved the first customised Smart phones designed and manufactured for Africa. The Professional Series, which comes in ranges from PS 100s up to PS 200s, is being manufactured and distributed by the latest entry into the telecommunications industry, Anabel Mobile.

"Anabel Mobile is a global brand created by Nigerians and which has chosen first to start with Nigeria giving Nigerians the respect and focus that many international brands have failed to do," the company told ThisDay last week. The company said the Smart Phones run on Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1.

"This makes it compatible with any Personal Computer anywhere in the world. The Anabel Professional Series allows you to synchronise your Anabel Smart Phone with your PC, all your data, emails, presentations etc and since it is running on windows you can also prepare your power point, excel or word presentations while on the move in your car in traffic or waiting for a flight at the airport," the statement said.

NCC has also granted Anabel Mobile a licence to operate within the Nigerian territory for sales of its full range of products. Anabel is expected to provide the users of its smart phones such value added services as push and pull email which has been the hallmark of the Blackberry device in Nigeria.

The company said: "Nigerians who attended the last NCC people's parliament in Abuja said they were excited that finally a brand that is focused on Africa is coming and is starting with Nigeria. They commended the NCC for encouraging the entrepreneurship that gave rise to Anabel."

NCC is said to be excited that Anabel devices will be the first hand held devices or phones to carry the NCC accreditation and approval stamped on its devices, "demonstrating that Nigeria is indeed now part of the global community".

Anabel is an integrated mobile device and telecoms content company with a primary focus on serving the professional and SME markets by providing them with the mobile tools to get their work done on the move wherever they may be.

Anabel Mobile devices are equally designed to meet the needs of high end students who are running sophisticated graduate or senior programmes and need advanced mobile devices for data analysis, communicating and reporting, and for sharing large files be they data, voice, music or Video. The company is expected to be launched next month in Lagos.

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