Tanzania: Device to Recover Lost Phones

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Security for mobile phones and laptops in the country will be enhanced after the introduction of a technology that will track the gadgets when lost or stolen. The technology uses software known as mobisecurity which is able to track mobile phones and lost laptops and computers. The device gives the exact location of the thief.

Dr Joseph Buberwa, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of RenewEarth Technologies Ltd, told 'Daily News' that the new technology will also safeguard details saved on the stolen mobile phone, laptop or computer.

The Mobisecurity software, will however, work on original mobile phones, such as those made by Nokia, Samsung, Blackberries, iphone and not imitations of these makes or the Chinese made phones. "The Mobisecurity software can only be installed in cell phone from original manufacturers and not imitations or Chinese cell phones, and this is because of the operating systems in the original phone," he explained.

Original cell phones, have android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows operating systems, which would work well with the security software. Once installed into the mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer, the security software, will require the owner to identify five numbers that will be programmed with the software's in a way that if it is stolen, a message will be sent to the five numbers.

Once installed, the owner of the phone also gets an account with RenewEarth Technologies website with a username and password. The account will have all the details in the cell phone, which can be accessed if the phone is stolen. "For a mobile phone, once the thief changes the simcard or chip a text message alert is automatically sent to the five numbers.

The message will show the new user's number and exact location within five to ten metres of the thief," Dr Buberwa explained. With the new user's number, the owner of the phone can block, shut down the phone or have it make siren sounds without stopping or listen in on the conversation of the new user."With the software you can also have the phone send you text messages going out and coming in, of the thief or person using your stolen phone and block the functions of the phone," the CEO explained.

For laptops and desktop computers the Micro LNTS or Lost Notebook Tracking System software installed helps track it. When stolen and once the thief or new user logs onto the Internet the software instantly identifies the IP of the computer and sends this to the email address of the owner.

"The software remains undetected and works quietly in the background. It will also help track the user through your web account and it will also identify the location of the thief or new user," he explained. With the security software one can retrieve backed up data on the stolen laptop or Desktop, shut the computer down or block the new user from using it.

RenewEarth Technologies plans to get into partnership with local dealers across the country, who will sell the software to the public. The local dealers including owners of Stationeries, Internet cafes, Computer shops will use Information and Technology experts trained by RenewEarth.

In the first phase 10,000 young experts in IT will be trained across the country, on how to install the software on mobile phones, lap tops and desktop computers, who will work with the identified local dealers. "This will be the first phase. We will continue training more young experts, who will be working with the dealers to install the software on mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers," Dr Buberwa noted.