Tanzanian incumbent to sell NICTBB bandwidth to neighbours


Tanzania’s state-owned fixed line PTO Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL) is looking to strike deals with neighbours such as Mozambique and landlocked Burundi, Malawi, Uganda and Zambia, to sell them internet bandwidth on its National Information Communications Technology Broadband Backbone infrastructure (NICTBB). As part of a strategy designed to maximise the potential of the country’s backbone network, TTCL’s marketing manager Mr Nicodemus Mngutu is quoted by local paper the Business Standard that the carrier sees the sale of internet bandwidth as a vital commodity, adding that TTCL is banking on the resilience of the network (it enjoys a reliability rating of 99.8% compared to the region average of sub-70%) to develop fresh revenue streams.

In an interview, Mngutu said: ‘Now that the NICTBB has reached all border points of the country, and that we have already illustrated capability by getting the USD6.7 million contract to supply 1.244GB of internet bandwidth to Rwanda for ten years, we are eyeing more markets of the inland countries which can take advantage of our complete network.’ The TTCL man went on to say that landlocked neighbours in particular face an uphill challenge in securing access to low cost international connectivity. ‘This purchase of bulk international capacity on regional and international networks will significantly boost our vision to make bandwidth available to such markets,’ he said.