SMEs in Zimbabwe Urged to Utilise IT


Small to medium enterprises have been urged to utilise new information technology software in order to improve business efficiency. Pastel (South Africa) product manager Alfred Nhira said most companies in the country, especially the smaller businesses, were using antiquated technologies. He was speaking at a recent IT seminar hosted by Omni Africa.

"Most of the software programmes that most companies are still using are now outdated, inasmuch they are costly to maintain and difficult to use as well as susceptible to being broken into," said.

"This therefore has a very large bearing on the performance of the company since a lot of time will be wasted on unnecessary procedures." Participants at the seminar praised such outings as they went a long way in curbing unnecessary and avoidable losses due to failure to adapt to a fast moving technological world.

"This is a great wake-up call for us as businesses, sometimes it is not about that you have doing the job right but accepting that something can do that even better and accepting change even at a higher cost," said one participant. Nearly 150 participants attended the event.

Omni Africa chief executive officer Munyaradzi Mazhande said the company was likely to hold a similar seminar before the end of the year. Last week's event was the third of its kind by the company having successfully hosted the first one in Bulawayo last year and another one earlier on this year.