South Africa: Debate over who is to blame for high Blackberry charges: RIM vs Vodacom


A debate has emerged over who is to blame for the high rates charged by Vodacom for data usage. Research carried out pointed out that a majority blame Vodacom for Blackberry’s over billing problems, Vodacom in return said it was not a billing issue, but simply the way BIS (BlackBerry internet Service) works in South Africa.

A number of Vodacom users using blackberry complained about being billed for data, out of normal Vodacom bundle rates. Earlier this year, numerous blackberry consumers complained about the same issue through online platforms, saying that even with un-subscription, or when the BIS is on, they were still being billed. RIM says that Vodacom seemed to be the only operator with these problems, the users should have consulted them instead.

The Blackberry-maker further responded saying that all mobile operators delivered service suggestions that best suited their customers and that the carriers have detailed terms and conditions on Blackberry that can be looked up on their respective websites.
Vodacom on the other hand said that their Blackberry Internet services give customers on-device internet browsing, email, and social networking for a fixed monthly fee and that in certain circumstances some applications may include data charges because they make use of billable internet connection and not the BIS connection.